Services - Lighting Retrofit

Be a part of the Illumination Revolution and plan your lighting retrofit now.

A lighting retrofit is the practice of replacing components in the system with counterparts that make it use energy more efficiently. A lighting upgrade is any strategy that reduces the system's energy use. Energy savings are realized over time that can be significant enough to not only pay for the new equipment, but produce a return on the investment.

Working with all levels of government, Natural Resource Canada, local utility we apply for you for all offered grants and incentives program. It will subsidize purchases of energy-efficient lighting equipment and installation cost. We conduct a full financial analysis that will be needed to justify an investment in upgrading the existing lighting system. We will provide you with detailed economic analysis, which includes determining payback and return on investment (ROI).

Kasel as a Licensed Service Organization providing service to take you through the retrofit program to successful lighting system upgrade.


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