Security - Access Control

Preventing unauthorized access to your facilities is the cornerstone of operational security. Of course it involves protecting your people and staff against outside intruders. But access control is also used to prevent employees and visitors from entering hazardous areas or other parts of your facilities where elevated security concerns make restricting access desirable.

From single-site installations to enormous multi-building complexes, Kasel advanced access control technologies serve facilities of every description and in every sector:

  • Basic, entry-level systems support up to 4,000 cardholders with optional video badging, and include employee verification, report generation, and event tracking, along with the ability to expand. They run on a single workstation and require minimal training and IT support.
  • Mid-level Windows XP-based systems offer additional card and reader capacity, more workstations, graphical maps, CCTV, image verification, custom reports and dial-up sites.

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